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Firepro M5950 Driver Support on Elitebook 8760W 64bit Windows 10

Question asked by ascian on Feb 20, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2016 by ascian

I have recently needed to fresh reinstall windows 10 same edition(Professional) on my computer. I can get it to boot(sometimes) with "windows basic display drivers". When I try to update the driver via device manager it may or not hang in black screen indefinitely, or not correctly update.


If I try manually downloading drivers from the website with both firepro-unified retail drivers and/or from the Elitebook's official page at the "Drivers+Downloads" center, results will be similar, including it launching Catalyst Install Manager and saying detection failure or install package failure.


This will sometimes cause my computer upon reboot (after hanging indefinitely) to also freeze right after windows 10 logo.


I have tried restoring and re-installing, clean installs and reinstalls of different driver version.


Help please. And thank you in advance for any helpful responses.