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    Microsoft increases the frequency of Windows 10 Insider updates


      Microsoft Changes Insider Preview Criteria, Fast Ring Builds To Roll Out Quicker


      I'm posting this here because it's something I find insanely funny, especially about the latest build. Microsoft is introducing new features in Edge such as clearing the browser history after each session, something Firefox and Chrome have had for years, and you can now choose where to download files to, something IE had back in 1995. It also includes Shazam like functionality (how cutting edge is that!) to Cortana. One can't help but notice Edge still doesn't have extensions either...


      So with them re-introducing things from 20 years ago, Windows 10 might be as useful as Windows 7 in 2036!

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          I see no good reason to install Spyware 10....Oops...I meant Windows 10.


          From what I've read there is no way to completely stop the collection of your usage stats.


          Sure, a lot say, well....if you've got nothing to hide....it's not about that. It's about the slow crawl to the elimination of privacy. Sadly, it seems, many are willing to give it up for the new shiny thing.

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              My biggest issue has always been the forced updates, partly because no update is completely infallible and can result in a bricked machine given the billions of hardware combinations, and partly because I have a 10GB/month data cap (undeterred 2AM-8AM) and I don't need Microsoft eating away at that because they think I need updates shoved down my throat.


              Looking at the Windows 10 figures though, it seems the vast majority of people aren't willing to cowtow to Microsoft despite their attempts to force it on people with "accidental" downloads of Windows 10, changing of Windows 10 to a recommended update, and the wording and design of the upgrade prompt which can lead people who aren't very computer savvy to think they have no choice. If you use Steam's numbers, out of the 95.39% of the Windows market share, only 32.77% of them are using Windows 10 (and Windows XP 32 bit actually grew 0.14% in January). According to netmarketshare.com 78.81% of the Windows market share is not using Windows 10, despite the lack of DirectX 12 and the lack of modern processor support.



              Desktop Operating System Market Share
              January, 2016
              Operating SystemTotal Market Share
              Windows 752.47%
              Windows 1011.85%
              Windows XP11.42%
              Windows 8.110.40%
              Mac OS X 10.113.44%
              Windows 82.68%
              Mac OS X 10.102.33%
              Windows Vista1.69%
              Mac OS X 10.90.86%
              Mac OS X 10.60.37%
              Mac OS X 10.70.30%
              Mac OS X 10.80.30%
              Windows NT0.08%
              Mac OS X 10.50.06%
              Mac OS X 10.40.02%
              Windows 20000.01%
              Windows 980.00%
              Mac OS X (no version reported)0.00%