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heavy screan tearing and capped frames

Question asked by someguy935 on Feb 19, 2016

as the title suggests, since the 16.1.1 update, my games have been suffering from  heavy screen tearing whether vsync is on or off, also my frames are capped to 60 whether vsync is on or off. this was only the case when playing dx11 games, dx9 games seem to be running fine, reverting to older drivers didnt solve it. i need help guys because the tearing is unbearable, i tried running games using the integrated intel hd gpu and the issue was gone but of course the intel hd=bad frames, so the issue seems to be only on the amd gpu.


radeon hd 8670m 2gb

i5 3230m 3.2 ghz

8 gb ram 1333mhz

windows 10 64 bit