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Radeon 7850 - Photoshop - Liquify

Question asked by boink on Feb 18, 2016

I spent some time browsing for answers regarding my problem, and although I found several similar cases in the past (but not the same) I never found an answer to it. I have this problem for over a year or so (it started after I went from Nvidia graphics to AMD) but since I can't find the solution I decided to register and ask here.


The problem is as follows.
- When I use a Liquify option on an image, two things happen.
  1) I get concentric circles around my brush ->
  2) sometimes I get color distorted artifacts on the parts that might have gradient fading (alpha)


Some things to note:
1) When I use Liquify with pressing the "Alt key" which uses CPU only (bypassing GPU) I get normal results ->
2) I used to have an integrated Nvidia and I had no problems with it what so ever, so I'm fairly certain it's not a hardware issue (speaking for the rest of the config, not GPU)
3) This occurs no matter what graphic settings I use in Performance settings as long as the use of GPU is enabled -> (all fancy stuff turned off)  
4) This is the list of drivers I had at some point so far ->


I hoped this would change with this new Crimson stuff but ofc it didn't. I'm getting really annoyed and thinking of dropping Radeon altogether. I had it 10 years ago and had problems with it. I have it again, and I'm having problems with it again.