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GTA v low FPS problem

Question asked by dzonibegood on Feb 19, 2016

Hello i'm having problems with GTA V and windows 10. The problem is when the day comes my GPU load gets to 99% and FPS drops to 11 and bellow and this only happens when i turn on high resolution shadows. The thing is when i do fresh GTA v reinstall or driver reinstall FIRST day works smooth as night. No choppiness and GPU load gets from 90 - 99% and fps is varying from 30-45 which is how it should operate but on the second day that arrives GPU load just gets stuck on 99% and my FPS drops to 11 until the night comes. This problem disappears ONLY when i reinstall GTA V or i reinstall driver and if i disable high resolution shadows.
So my GPU can take high resolution shadows with no problems so it's not my hardware issue. I was running 30-45 on w8.1 and never encountered this issue. With same hardware setup and with same settings. Problem happens only on windows 10 when second day arrives.  Anyone maybe knows how to fix this? Of course the gta 5 is updated.