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    The Division Crossfire Support


      Currently in The Division's open beta, there is very minimal crossfire support with the current drivers(zero support in the closed beta).  While using AFR, there is heavy artifacting, low GPU usage. frame rates, etc.  I have also tried 1x1, as well as the Crysis 3 profile and while those work better than AFR, it still sports low GPU usage, flickering, low frame rates and is generally unplayable.   When the game launches on the 8th of March, will there be fully functional Crossfire support?  The game does state that it is multi-gpu compatible (The Division PC system requirements - PC Gamer ).  Thank you for your time and I look forward to your reply.


      Marco Esposito

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          If Ubisoft send AMD copies of the game, and write it in a way that AMD can work quickly with them to create a CrossFire profile for the game come March. Then yes. But sadly no one know what Ubisoft or AMD are upto or working on, or what communication they are having if any.


          The term "Multi GPU Support" is quite subjective. I wouldn't take this as anything other than "compatible with different GPUs" unless they state CrossFire or SLI. Like the word "help" in toothpaste adverts, you will "help" flatten the earth by stomping, but wont mean it will really make a difference.


          Its likely AMD will have an update with a profile around that time, but otherwise you should look at these claims as just marketing jibber jabber. Unless Ubisoft or AMD officially confirm it.