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    looking for recent 3d monitor list for a Radeon HD 6950


      I have two Radeon HD 6950 connected with crossfire. I am looking for which 3d monitor that will work. However the compatibility list only shows outdated and unavailable monitors.

      Is there anything that is recent? Would Radeon HD 6950 work with Nvida 3D Vision 2 Kit ?

      Thank You

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          Hi buddy, veteran 3D gamer here.


          Sadly 3D has become a fad, and support and investment is nothing like back in 2011/2012. But we still have options and it still works.


          First, Nvidia 3D Vision wont work. The active shutter glasses and the hardware used is strictly Nvidia. The software they use along side the drivers are all inter connected.

          AMDs solution was Tridef 3D, but with Tridef you get virtual 3D and true 2 independent images rendered 3D. Nvidia doesn't offer this. As Nvidia 3D vision support is being dropped, Tridef is the way to go but the company is in a bit of trouble and they make each game 3D able with profiles.


          HDMI Displays...

          I use a passive 1080p 3D screen and have no complaints at all. It uses HDMI 1.3, so you get 60hz and half 1080p per eye. Remember this is then 1080p again.

          HDMI 1.4b currently support upto 1080p per eye @60hz

          Then we have HDMI 2.0 is 4k @60hz, so 2k per eye.


          Passive and shutter...

          Some of the newer UHD displays have their own shutter glasses, so you will get 4k per eye. But I dont know for myself but the flash of each image can give headaches.

          Passive is like in the cinema, so 2 images being displayed at once. Left picks up x image right z image. You dont need a clunky headset either. Most passive monitors will compensate the colour and brightness due to the glasses and works nicely.


          Any 3D TV or monitor today will let you use your PC for 3D, as the image is sent either side by side, top and bottom, or line by line at X resolution (1080p for me) as a single image. The monitor will then combine these as required....








          So, providing you get a display that supports 3D. You consider the resolution well, remembering that 3D requires twice the CPU and GPU power as in effect its 2 games at once. And you also consider the state of 3D today, not investing too madly as currently only DX9/10/11 games work and 12 may never be supported.Then you'll be laughing. If only cinema didn't do such a poor job with 3D I think it would have been as big as HD.


          If you would like you can post some ideas of what screens your looking at getting, and I can confirm for you what you will expect. Your best bet at looking is trying your local PC shops or at your favourite PC websites and just picking out the 3D supported screens.


          Hope this helps.

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              Thank you that really helps. I was spending months reading sites, reviews, and specs.

              Now I have a direction to go.  Mostly I work with Photos, Graphics, CAD, and 3D printing, My PC I through together is a AMD 8 core, with 24gb of ram, two Radeon HD 6950 video cards connected with crossfire, SSD for OS,  and 14tb of combined storage. So for a monitor I will look for a good 3D ready that is passive.

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                  Ideal buddy.


                  I should stress that 3D will only work on DirectX 9/10/11 rendering. If your using autocad etc, the only 3D you can use to view in will be the monitors 2D to 3D conversion. It tends to be a mash of depth to anything just to give the effect rather than something that looks real. If your software or some of it is DirectX, it should work fine with correct depth etc. Tridef also has its own 2D to 3D conversion for pictures and video, again the same as the monitors built in. I hope that wont be a problem for you.


                  System specs look grand. 3D render like grunt. Enjoy.



                  If you want to know what Tridef works with, you can download it with a 14day trial. Test it on your 2D screen. Might be a safe bet before spending on a monitor.

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