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Precision T3610 dual v4900

Question asked by trudg3 on Feb 18, 2016

We have a Dell Precision T3610 running Dual V4900 graphics cards windows 7 64bit professional . These are pushing through DVI to 3 Dell U2414H monitors and a Samsung TV 1920X1080 resolution. We are also using Synergy to allow the user to use a single KB and mouse on a 2nd desktop computer. We can get A single monitor and the TV to work, or Two monitors to work at full resolution. When we cut on the TV or the other two monitors, it makes everything but the TV black. When we cut off one monitor it make the TV and a single Dell monitor run at fill resolution and one monitor is stuck at 800X600 resolution. When we cut that (or the TV off) the monitors or TV will display at proper resolution. We have removed and updated all monitor and AMD drivers and catalyst software. We removed Synergy as a just in-case and it still has this issue. We have tested all monitors and cables and and all test good when using a different PC. We have tried different cabling configurations through the graphics cards and end up with the same issue. We have also tried a windows restore to a good known last config and it is still happening. This happens on user side and admin side. We have also updated all bios and chip set drivers. Any insight as to a possible fix would be super helpful.