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firepro w4100 and lg 29um67  problem of detection and resolution

Question asked by sebsail on Feb 18, 2016
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I have a problem of detecting my screen LG 29um67


when i connect an old fujitsu siemens l19W-2 screen through VGA port, the computer detect it and i can adjust correctly the resolution.


but when i plug the LG 29UM67 through displayport, it detect  "laptop screen" and maximum résolution is the same than for the screen through VGA (1440x900) and i can go over that.


and i don t suceed conecting the VGA screen and the LG 29UM67 screen in the same time trough 2 of the 4 minidisplay port of the W4100


I have install the latest AMD "Catalyst control center"


My config is


Motherboard  GA-X99-SLI

CPU I7 5820K

32 Go ram

saphire firepro W4100

SSD Samsung 850 EVO

windows 7 professional


what can i try to solve that problem?


thanks a lot for your help.