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Lenovo Y700-15ACZ tips

Question asked by sirmatthewofhodge on Feb 17, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2016 by inferno

I recently purchased a Lenovo y700-15acz. So far I like it, although I'm not expecting it to run like my desktops for obvious reasons.

For an $800 laptop I'm pretty impressed, It scored 2925 in firestrike.

My desktop gets over 10,000, so again I'm not expecting the moon from it.

Can anyone make any recommendations on how I could squeeze a little more performance out of it?

I've already decided to upgrade the ram to 16gb (from 8gb)

I'm running a Lenovo version of catalyst control center and I want radeon settings, but when I tried to update it the laptop locked up.

I did expect the R9 M385X in it to perform a little better, and I'm wondering if it's been nerfed or if I'm running off of the R7 on the chip when it should be on performance mode.

CPUZ  and HWMonitor are not recognizing the R9 M385x. I'm not able to see gpu load at all.

The cpu seems to stay at the turbo clock at all times when plugged in, don't see too much throttle, so I'm pleased there. Lenovo should get some praise for cooling.


It says it's only 15 watt tdp, but my firestrike results show it running at 35w tdp.



Should I update to this driver, or will it cause it to crash again because it's not a Lenovo driver.


Any help would be appreciated.