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No Crossfire Option Catalyst

Question asked by icutsky on Feb 18, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2016 by L4d

I Have a water cooled PC installed Mobo asus maximus vi hero, 16Gb ram i7 4770k and 2 amd raedon R9 290x Linked in crossfire i have been using this for one year and never had the need of turning more than 1 gpu. so i never tested Crossfire till now. Today i wanted to test it yet in my amd catalyst there was no Crossfire Option.. i checked in forums for the problem solution and i have seen somone say it might be a pcie bios configuration problem, he said that the both pcie of the gpu's needs to be x4 or somthing like that, well i checked in gpu-z software and one of my graphic card has pcie 3.0 16x @ x8 and the other has pcie 3.0 16x @ x2, i dont know if thats the problem but i would love to have some assist

First Graphic card status

Second GPU Status (in this one sensors are static)

Please help me out im desperate