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A very bad sample? FX-8320E

Question asked by retinal on Feb 17, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2016 by foetopsy

Is it even possible that my FX-8320E CPU is such bad of a sample that it can barely reach a stable 3.9 GHz overclock with a voltage of 1.28 V?

I have a MSI 990FXA Gaming motherboard with supported Corsair Vengence PRO RAM, but not with a supported be quiet! 80+ Bronze 1000W PSU. My GPU is a Dual Core R9 290X2 that has a minimum system power requirement of a 1000W and uses max ~700W itself, which doesn't leave much for the other components. Could an under powered rig increase the required voltage to overclock a CPU? Because I can barely get a stable clock of 3.9 GHz with temps below 60 degrees with 1.28V. And if I want to increase it to 4 GHz, I would need to add another 0.04V. And to get closest to a stable 4.1, I would need to add around ANOTHER +0.06 V?? Which is about 1.38 V.


Is it possible that they screwed up so badly with their testing process or could my PC be the fault?