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AMD Gray Thermal Compound replacement - how can I get it?

Question asked by bbob1936 on Feb 16, 2016
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AMD FX PROCESSOR IN A BOX Including Heat Sink Assembly with fan

AMD FX 4350 Processor P/N FD4350FRHKBOX

Being installed in a desktop computer

Windows 7 64-bit Professional OS

Drivers not yet installed

ACER G205HV Monitor

Motherboard: Gigabyte LMT-USB3 Rev.6.0 (Newly installed)

Power Supply: ULTRA 450 W ATX




I accidentally damaged the gray-colored thermal compound
which was pre-applied on the heat sink at the factory.

I contacted Warranty Service and opened a service request: SR
#{ticketno:[8200677370]} , requesting a replacement patch (1.25” square)
of the thermal compound.


The AMD Rep seemed unable to comprehend the problem or
the English language, first asking if the processor was defective (it wasn’t)
and finally telling me “Please note: We do not have particular thermal past(e)
to recommend or replace you. you can get the thermal past form nearest /local
hardware shop. Kindly request you seek assistance with the local hardware
technician for the assistance.”


Final straw:  

I explained the problem again in detail, attached a photo (see attachment) of the damaged thermal
compound and hit <REPLY>.  The Email
bounced as blocked.  Apparently the
service request was just closed without further notification.


Can anyone suggest how to solve my problem? This has been
going on for a week or more!