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    Radeon HD 5650 Artefacting Issue - Get bands of strange fragments across the screen, usually following wake from screen sleep mode


      Can someone help diagnose an artefacting issue with my Radeon HD 5650? I have been getting bands of strange fragments across the screen, usually following awake from screen hibernate mode (hard drive does not hibernate). (See pictures.)

      Important notes (I think:)

      - I have an HP Envy 14 laptop with 6 GB RAM, an i5 Intel processor running at 3.53 GHz, running Windows 7 Home Premium with SP1. Recently I changed the HD from Optical to SSD.

      - The graphics card is an ATI Radeon HD 5650

      - I run an external monitor - Dell U2412M

      - The bands of fragments seem to be made of icons for programs that are running and other graphic elements from the corners of the screen.

      - The behaviour usually occurs following wake from black screen sleep mode - my hard drive does not go to sleep

      - It seems worse when I've been working for a long time and the laptop is hot (I think I need a fan replacement but that is pushing my questionable DIY skills)

      - Once you refresh the screen (Minimize and restore a program) the fragments go away


      Let me know if there's other info I could provide to help diagnose - I saw someone having a similar issue when running Linux but I couldn't find anything just like this in the forums. Thanks!