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Laptop screen works for boot only HDMI/VGA output works fine

Question asked by markc45 on Feb 16, 2016

Hi All


I have scoured for AGES to find an answer for this but my issue is a little different to anything I have seen so far:


Start off my laptop:
ASUS N61Ja-A1 Specs - CNET


So my laptop is working fine until I update the graphics drivers...

When I boot up the laptop it posts and displays normally (Back light working fine) up until where it would usually say "Welcome" (Windows 7) where I get a completely blank screen.

When I boot up with an HDMI or VGA monitor attached, it displays on those all the way through fine and my laptop is usable... all the while I still have a black screen on my laptop...
HOWEVER... When I shine a light on the black screen (as if checking for a busted back light) I can see my desktop, even though the back light works fine.


The laptop is still registering the screen as being attached and functional but I have no display.

If I boot in safe mode everything is fine...

If I roll-back my graphics drivers everything goes back to normal and I have a screen again....


So from the troubleshooting we know the screen is fine as is the graphics card...


I have tried installing and un-installing the drivers as well different versions and even a fresh OS install.


Still no joy... I have been working on this problem on and off for literally over 2 years. I even went out and bought a new laptop because I was sick of it.

Now I need to fix it because mum needs a new laptop... Please help