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    Hardware status : "disabled"


      I own a Lenovo z51-70 which i recently upgraded to windows 10.The hardware status of my Graphics Chipset AMD Radeon (TM) R9 M375 is currently displayed  as "disabled". can anyone help me enable it? i use the crimson edition but there is no GPU overdrive function available. updating all the drivers do not seem to be working either.

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          What AMD drivers have you got installed? We really need more information, please read this.


          Head to Radeon Settings > Preferences > Additional Settings >


          In CC Slim, navigate to Switchable Graphics Application Monitor and click start monitor. Use your laptop, browse the web, play some games. Go back and check to see which GPU is being used in the monitor report.


          In CCC Slim, navigate to Switchable Graphics Application Settings. This area will allow you to select which 3D application uses the Integrated GPU or the High Performance GPU. Add the application to CCC and select High Performance Mode to ensure that the High Performance GPU is used. Note, it is recommend to have the laptop plugged in and Windows configured to High performance mode in the Control Panel > Power options to ensure you get the best possible performance.

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              Thanks for the reply. The specs of my system are:

              AMD Graphics Card - Graphics Chipset- AMD Radeon (TM) R9 M375

              • Desktop or Laptop System - Lenovo Z51-70 80K600VVIN
                • Operating System - Windows 10 64bit
              • Driver version installed - Radeon Software Crimson 16.1.1

              CPU Type - Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-5500U CPU @ 2.40GHz

              • RAM :8GB


              As u said, i tried switchable graphics application monitoring and all the applications show as run in "HIGH PERFOMANCE GPU". The games seem to be working decently and i played AC syndicate in Medium graphics with no lag. But the hardware status still shows 'disabled' and there is no override option.

              I am adding a screenshot of the same.Screenshot amd- Copy.png

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                  It's just a bug unfortunately, it is enabled despite it saying otherwise. I have seen others mention this issue, but after we run through the 'Switchable Graphics Application Monitor' checks, it shows the High Performance GPU is working as expected. Please take a moment to submit a bug report and include (or link) to the findings discovered in this thread. Thank you.




                  Can you do me a quick favour? When the Discrete GPU is running a game, press Alt+Enter to switch to Window mode. Now open Radeon Settings and see if the GPU is still showing as disabled?

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                I am also having the same problem in my Dell inspiron 5521 with amd radeon hd 8500/8700m graphic card. It happened only after upgrading to windows 10 and i tried uninstalling all the video drivers ad installing the latest but it doesn't made any difference.