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    help please!!big fps loss if i run games at fullscreen with the vsync on


      i have an R7 370 strix 4GB and i faced the following problem. to some games at fullscreen mode whatever the other graphic settings ,at some points i loose 30!! framespsec!! for 60 drops to 30 to that point without obvious reason! if i run the game to windowed mode i dont have this problem and the frames stays to 60 normally. the games with that problem is the Rainbow six siege and the call of duty black ops 3 .my system is i7 4790, 16gb ram 1600mhz, r7 370 strix 4gb, ssd samsung 230gb and westerb digital 1tb.my operating system is windows 10 with the last update. my driver version is crimson 16.1.1 help me please the system it costs me very maτch and there is no money for further upgrading....