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Crimson needs more work

Question asked by mekanic on Feb 15, 2016

Well, the final results are in.  I've been using Catalyst for years, and will continue to use the last edition of Catalyst for the time being.

Crimson has been removed from my system, and it shall remain that way.

Crimson is not compatible with my anti-virus (AVG), Catalyst consistently has been.Crimson is not compatible with PowerDVD 15, and BD-ROMs do not play properly with it installed.  Catalyst consistently has and does work.

Crimson puts my CPU temps through the roof running Universe Sandbox.  Catalyst does not.

Crimson's advanced options (CCC lite) do not work despite even installing it with AVG removed from the system.


Bottom line:  Crimson is not ready, is useless to me, I don't care to [expletive deleted] around trying to make it work, and I don't believe it will be ready any time soon.  I of course invite AMD to prove me wrong.


Sabertooth 990FX

AMD FX-8350

16GB Crucial DDR3-1866

XFX Radeon 7870 2GB

Samsung Pro 512 GB SSD

Windows 10 Pro