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    Need Advice!  Nvidia dominating over AMD on 3dsMax/Vray GPU rendering. 




      I use 3ds max and vray for view-port operations and rendering, and compared to Nvidia and CUDA tech, I am am VERY disappointing in AMD's OpenCL performance compared to Nvidia counterparts.


      Vray forums, GPU rendering results: Chaos Group Forums , V-Ray Rendering Times


      The graphics card  I am using is the AMD FIRPRO W8100 (8gb) with 15.20 driver, running on Win10 x64 and comparing the performance from users in the Vray forums and the Vray developers, it seems that Nvidia's CUDA tech has a HUGE advantage over OpenCL and AMD cards. I am very concerned that the Entertainment, Tech, and Media markets are going very Green and ditching the RED team (AMD.


      I understand that PIXAR, ILM and many western in-house VFX companies will most always go for Nvidia because of its wider optimizations for various programs and products.  Another huge company that has a bit of an advantage using CUDA tech is Adobe. (yes premiere/Photoshop uses openCL).  After Effects does not using OpenCL CPU encoding/rendering and requires CUDA tech to take advantage of some features.


      What incentive do I have to keep my W8100 and support AMD when Nvidia has a HUGE advantage with a large amount of high-end/popular VFX and animation programs???