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Help About TressFX - Where to start ?

Question asked by elvira on Feb 16, 2016

Hi everyone !


I'm Elvira (pseudo) , i'm Dev in my small indie game studio and i want my game to use great technologies .


I've heard about Apex , PhysX and Hairwork .. but the idea of using Nvidia's technology not please me dat much ; i'm a "Pro - AMD " and i want to use AMD technologies since they are also working on Nvidia's solutions products .


I'm Currently using Unreal Engine 4 , i've read some thread about integration of tressFx into UE4 , i've good knowledge about programmation (Html/PHP , a bit of SQL , a lot of Java , Visual Basic , C# , Js , and also some pretty good base with C++ ) , i think that's pretty cool for me .. but here is my problem :


I don't know anything about TressFX , i do know a small amount of what we can do with it but that's it ..

Is TressFX a plugin ? is it a library , a package , a standalone system ? how we use it ? do we need do to some kind of implementation ?


As you can clearly see i'm really new in this big world but i want to learn more and more everyday to make my project better and better and put all i can do in it .


If someone kindly enough can take some time to explain me all of this (a brand new world for me ^^ ) from the beginning i'll be very grateful !


PS: sorry for my terrible english , i'm french .


Alright , Thank you for taking rime to read me and have a nice day .

Cordially ,