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Problems with HD 6990

Question asked by rutttt10 on Feb 15, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2016 by rutttt10

After a few months finally got Asus Rampage IV Gene as a replacement for my dead Asus Rampage IV Formula but seems like I can't get my Asus HD 6990 to work properly.

Only one GPU shows up in Device Manager no matter what I do. Tried to uninstall drivers completely using DDU and then install different versions with mixed results - sometimes installation package freezes on AMD Display Driver but most of the times it's fine but the problem is that afterwards I always get "No AMD graphics is installed" message.

Does it have something to do with famous crossfire bug on old dual cards or it's just my half-dead 6990?

Full specs:

Asus Formula IV Rampage

Core I7 3820

Asus HD 6990

Nvidia GT 610

Asus Xonar DX

Kingston HyperX 12GB Ram+Noname 4GB Ram

3*1TB HDD (WD and Seagate)

Old Philips 170C Monitor (connected to HD 6990 via VGA-DVI connector)