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    Daily crashes with R9 380 (scramble screen crash)




      Experiencing frequent crashes since upgrading from an older NVIDIA card to an r9 380.



      CPU: AMD Phenom II x6 1090t at 3.2 ghz

      GPU: R9 380 4gb

      RAM: 12gb DDR3 RAM at 1333 (3x 4GB modules)

      PSU: Thermaltake Toughpower Gold 750w

      OS: Windows 7 Home Premium

      Dual monitor setup, one VGA via an adapter, one DVI-D






      Issue seems to correlate strongly to video rendering and/or playing; will happen while watching videos on Twitch.tv, or if capturing video.  Also have experienced crashes while using VLC player, but this may or may not be related to the prior video issues.


      I have tried to following, but the crashes still happen (this is a somewhat abridged list):

      • Uninstalling all previous NVIDIA drivers via DriverSweeper and clearing the registry with CCleaner, and also using DisplayDriver Uninstaller.
      • Updating the radeon drivers
      • Upping the power limit to max (+20%) under gaming -> global graphics settings
      • Turning off Virtual Super Resolution
      • Undoing CPU overclock settings (down from 3.7ghz to standard 3.2)


      Anyone have any experience with this issue?  I found a reddit thread, but the OPs solutions didn't work on my end.  There was another thread I found where people were saying that this is a "known issue", but I didn't find it to be especially helpful.  I will turn off hardware acceleration and test my luck.

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          Apologies for the delayed response, but thanks for reaching out. If it's not too late, we'd like to try and help.


          I notice this thread was created a couple of months back. Have you tried updating to our latest Crimson driver which is 16.4.1? You can download that driver here.


          In addition to the above, please put all of your hardware components back to their stock clocks, as running them overclocked could potentially cause some of the problems you have been experiencing.


          If you continue to experience the same issues mentioned in your post, please respond with the following information.


          1. What web browser are you using?

          2. What is the make and model of each display?

          3. Do you experience any display driver crashes while gaming, or is it just while streaming or watching video online via a browser or using VLC player?

          4. What is the make and model of the R9 380 you are using?

          5. Do you experience crashing with just one display enabled?

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              I was able to solve the problem by a large degree by not only uninstalling the driver software, but using the specific amd tool for getting rid of it.  I'd tried other software which is normally reliable (Driversweeper, DDU), but if I recall correctly, only AMD Cleanup Utility worked.  I then reinstalled and it's been much smoother sailing since then.


              I still experience occasional crashes, but they are harder to diagnose because of their reduced frequency.

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                To answer your questions just for the sake of thoroughness:


                1. Google Chrome

                2. Acer x173w (VGA using DVI adapter) + Westinghouse LCM-22w3 (DVI)

                3. Crashes when gaming are/were less frequent, but I'm not a daily gamer.

                4. XFX 4gb

                5. I don't believe I tried this.