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LoadLibrary 87 Error: the parameter is incorrect

Question asked by giddyup on Feb 15, 2016

I've had this error on four games now, since I updated to Crimson 15.12. (On a Radeon HD8800M/R9 200X, in a Chronos 7 s02DE notebook)


Using Google I found that this error has been reported multiple times before, as seen here:



These are just two, but more can be found easily. Apparently this ha ssomething to do with mobile GPUs not using the right OpenGL or at least something along the lines of that.

User smgjohn posted a solution that worked for him, in pretty much every thread. Unfortunately, it didn't work for me... Simply renaming the atig6pxx.dll also didn't work for me.


Does anyone have a different solution? Is AMD at least looking into this? This is getting really annoying.