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    Issue with DisplayPort


      Hello community,


      I am experiencing an issue whilst using a monitor connected via DisplayPort.

      I have been using the exact same setup for half a year now, and from friday to saturday it suddenly stopped working.


      What happened?
      When I turned on my PC on saturday my primary monitor (the displayport one) was set to 800x600 resolution (it wasn't the day before).

      When I un- & replugged the monitor it showed a mere black-screen. On my secondary monitor (DVI), the Windows-Resolution frame

      displayed the displayport monitor as connected but the resolution settings were grayed out, being set to 800:600.


      My Measures:
      I initially thought it would have to be a software issue, so I installed  multiple new driver-versions (details below).
      Nothing changed. I also tried a new DisplayPort-Cable with no effect at all. When I connected the monitor via HDMI though, it worked as it should. (Can't use 3 monitors then, tho).

      When I installed the Catalyst Driver Version I received this alert:


      [German-to-English] The system encountered an error connecting the computer to the displayport-monitor, which is why using it at a high resolution

      or with a high frequency is not possible. (...).


      My Conclusion:

      It's not the monitor, nor the cable, nor the driver (?)


      What System am I using?

      Hardware specs:

      affected Monitor:

      Asus VG248QE 61 cm Monitor schwarz: Amazon.de: Computer & Zubehör

      GPU: AMD Radeon R9 270X

      Software specs:

      Windows 7 64-Bit

      Drivers I tried:

      Crimson Edition 15.12

      Crimson Edition 16.1.1 Hotfix

      Catalyst 15.11.1

      Full Specs: Systeminformationsbericht erstellt am: 02/15/16 20:10:12 Systemname: LUKAS-PC - Pastebin.com

      (sorry for some germanthere, I'll answer all questions)


      Why DisplayPort?

      I started using DisplayPort since I wanted to use 3 monitors at once.

      The other once are connected via DVI and HDMI, and DisplayPort is apparently required if you wanna use more than just two monitors.

      Maybe there's a workaround here?


      Any thoughts?

      For better multi-monitor support I have "DisplayFusion" installed, a multi monitor tool.

      I already tried uninstalling that - no effects.


      My Question to you:

      I know this probably isn't a lot to work with, but still - do you have any clue what could have caused this and how I can fix it?

      Or more likely - what information can I provide you with to have a better chance of finding a solution here? (I do not know too much about this stuff, sorry for that..)


      Thanks in advance for your input.

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          As mentioned above - in case u require additional information in order to be able to answer, just let me know what it is!


          The issue summed up: the monitor i have connected via DisplayPort remains black.