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    freesync + crossfire



      i already read known issues for 16.1.1 hotfix driver but i cant see "freesync + crossfire = downclock" issue.

      are amd programmers aware this problem? any idea?

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          We are aware and are investigating. Thanks for the post.

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              Just a quick update,

              here's is what I have observed;


              With only one R9 390 physically in the computer and freesync on with any combination of v-sync and FRTC = No downclocking.

              With two R9 390s physically in the computer with crossfire disabled and freesync on with any combination of v-sync and FRTC = Downclocking.

              With two R9 390s physically in the computer with crossfire enabled and freesync on with any combination of v-sync and FRTC = Downclocking.

              My System Specs are as follows;

              CPU: i7 5820k overclocked to 4.4ghz (watercooled 50c or less under full load [around 45c while gaming])

              GPU: Two R9 390s in crossfire (both watercooled so no core or vrm heat related issues, 60c or less under load, not overclocked)

              ^^^^^Please Note: Even with the MSI coolers and a side fan both GPU's ran at 80c and downclocking still occured so no damage was done while water cooling.

              PSU: EVGA 1200P2

              Memory: 16gb Corsair Vengeance 2666Mhz

              Motherboard: Asus X99 Sabertooth (GPU1 running at gen3 x16, GPU2 running at gen3 x8, no aditional PCI-E devices or M.2 drives)

              OS: Windows 10 Pro 64bit

              Monitor: BenQ xl2730z 1440p 144hz Freesync monitor with a Freesync range of 40-144 fps plugged into GPU 1's display port.


              With this knowledge, could you please fix this with a driver update as in your most recent driver (16.6.2) there has been no acknowledgement of this issue. I am sure that this would help many others as a quick google search of "Freesync Downclocking" shows many forums with people who have the same issue as iainob1 and I. Also, with the release of the new RX 480 I am sure many people will buy theses to crossfire as AMD has advertised two of them to beat out a GTX 1080 and many of those people will also want freesync only to discover that it is broken. And before you ask, I have submited a bug report.


              Thank you in advance.

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                  I am testing things right now with the Heaven benchmark.


                  Getting downclocks which co inside with the hitches when crossfire is disabled.


                  You can see the little core clock drops and then the two larger drops which had hitches.


                  I have just done a complete re install of windows 10 pro 64bit, all win drivers up to date before installing AMD drivers.


                  My freesync monitor has gone back as it was terrible. Black smears from any black on screen over 20cm long no matter how slow you turn. Acer zx350cu stay away from them total rubbish. Colours are great but by far the worst smearing and motion blur of blacks I have ever seen. Even the mouse in windows has ghost trails. Why those are even a product is beyond me why would anyone want a monitor where you have black trails and blur when you turn. Every star on a space game actually disappears when you turn due to the black blur no lie.



                  Also as soon as I install the 16.6.2 and the previous driver I start getting the black screens randomly happening which last for a couple of seconds using the DP port, does not happen using the dvi. Faulty dp on amd boards perhaps? or just more driver nonsense? It happens to so many people on the full range of cards. Keep reading the comments that the cards are failing but its just drivers.

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                    Also it's not just a freesync issue its been going on for such a long time with out freesync. Something wrong is happening with crossfire systems and the clocks and the usage with win 10. It maybe an incompatibility with some motherboards who knows but it needs sorted as this and the dx9 issues I am having is completely ruining my small amount of gaming time I have. Getting sick of no acknowledgement of issues even though many people are letting amd know through tickets and in here.


                    On the r9 295x2 on my system all dx 9 games are broken and even worse if crossfire is disabled as they have constant hitching and stutters and the usage on the one card fluctuates from 0-100 constantly.

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                    Matt its not just with freesync it does it in general as soon as crossfire is disabled the core clocks drop and fluctuate constantly in games.

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                        I too can confirm that when in a game and I have crossfire disabled (Just Cause 3 does not support it so I disable it in that) then the core clock does not maintain its 3D clock (1040Mhz). Instead, it varies wildly on GPU 1 between 1040Mhz and 650Mhz and it stays at idle clock (300Mhz) on GPU 2 as it should. The issue with GPU 1 downclocking is the frametimes and framerates jump all over the place, and the framerate is not being limited at all as I run the game with Freesync off, V-Sync off and in exclusive fullscreen (proper fullscreen, not windowed borderless).

                        However, an odd thing that I have noticed is that when in games GPU 1's memory clock maintains its full 3D clock as it should (1500Mhz = 6000Mhz Effective) while GPU 2's memory clock idles as it should (150Mhz).

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                            By the way I just thought that I should mention that all tests were done with power efficiency set to off under global settings.

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                                I have now uninstalled 16.6.2 with DDU and installed 16.7.1 with yet again no mention of the issues iainob1 and I are facing. Here is some information just incase this helps your software engineers.  When I use clockblocker (just search for it on google) the problem goes away in all games. If you guys could somehow program this clockblocker's functionalaty into your drivers then the problem would be solved and everyone would be happy. You could change how power efficiency operates so thet it actually works!!! Another solution would be to add an option to force 3D clocks on a per profile basis to avoid 3D clocks when using a fullscreen program like youtube. I know that this would be relatively simple to do considering a random person on the internet has already done this sitting at his home while you guys claim to have a whole team of software engineers. This would be greatly appreciated by iainob1, me and hundreds of other people who bring this up on forums.

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                                    Just to show the issue with dx 9, crossfire and the core clocks fluctuations here is all three in one.


                                    Skyrim crossfire disabled broken.JPG


                                    This is skyrim no mods just basic skyrim even using the base game textures so not the hires dlc textures.


                                    Crossfire off.


                                    Notice the one card's usage fluctuates up and down from 0 to 100


                                    the core clocks in game fluctuate around 800mhz. They never reach 1018.

                                    The graph above shows the core clocks fluctuating


                                    This is not a ulps issue, or a temp issue, or a power setting issue it is simply the drivers that are doing this.


                                    There has to still be an issue with crossfire and dx9. Even though it appears to be disabled is it actually disabling fully? Is that why the usage fluctuates up and down from 0 to 100. It normally does this when going between cards while crossfire is enabled.


                                    Many of the drivers before you were unable to disable crossfire in dx 9. Is this issue still causing dx 9 games to not work properly?


                                    When is AMD going to take this issue seriously? I know there are many other cards out there with bugs aswell and it all takes time but this issue has been there since windows 10 came out. Not a single driver works fully for the r9 295x2. every one of them has dx9 issue and also crossfire issues.


                                    Our card is a crossfire card unfortunately so profiles, and the ability to disable crossfire fully needs to be solid and fully working.


                                    At the moment I can not play any of my dx 9 games as they all stutter, hitch and generally behave strange.


                                    Disabling crossfire in any dx version causes the core clocks to downclock to 2d rates.

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                                        Quick update:

                                        Disabling framepacing fixes the problem but then causes inconsistent frame times. AMD, it's one problem after the other.

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                                            framepacing was also disabled it doesnt make a difference on my system. The drivers are just a joke and are the root cause of all issues.

                                            with dx 9 broken, freesync downclocking and crossfire disabled downclicking the whole thing is a waste if time. I have had ussues for over a year now. No fixes from amd most issues not even acknoledgedveven thoygh many people have the same.

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                                I too have this issue with two MSI R9 390's running in crossfire on stock settings/clocks and at 70c each and a BenQ XL2730Z with framerates remaining within the freesync range. The downclocks cause freesync to tear and stutter thus not working properly. I have reinstalled many versions of the drivers and have even done a clean Windows 10 install. A new driver with a fix would be wonderful.


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                                  r9 295x2+ crossfire disabled= downclocking of core clocks.

                                  win 10.

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                                    I have actually sorted all my issues out and am back to smooth gameplay with all games.


                                    I basically open the side panel on my pc unclipped the graphics card and pulled it out. Then i lobbed it as far as i could down the bottom of the garden.


                                    i replaced it with a gtx 1080 super jetstream and plugged it into a new dell 27 inch 144htz with gsync and im back to gaming again. No issues with my system or system drivers, no black screens using dp port. No dx 9 issues its night and day. What a waste of a year.


                                    well done amd.

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                                        Finally some one else with the same problem willing to tell AMD rather than hide in a forum. Welcome! I think that your solution is great. Just wait 'till AMD goes broke so then someone buys them out and we get proper software. Or they could just, you know, fix the damn problem and at the very least acknowledge that it exists. I'm running 16.8.2 and still nothing in the release notes that states ANYTHING about crossfire and freesync enabled could cause downclocking which means stuttery gameplay and uneven frametimes. By the way AMD, it is clearly broken because even in my freesync range (40Hz - 144Hz) it stutters like crazy with v-sync enabled. That shouldn't be happening because freesync should be active then. I also have no way to limit frames due to FRTC (Frame Rate Target Control) not working. Right now these are my options:

                                        Wait until you go broke <-- Very likely

                                        Wait until a fix is released <-- Probably not going to happen

                                        Not use freesync and attempt running 1440p at 144fps <-- Very hard

                                        Not use crossfire and throw away $600 AUD worth of technology <-- Just stupid

                                        Sell my R9 390's and freesync panel and just get a GTX 1080 with a g-sync panel  <-- Most likely

                                        Not very happy.

                                        BTW amdmatt I know these messages are being read or else why would you go around to other AMD threads and state that 'we are working on a solution' that is non existent or how would these messages be moderated.

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                                            Disable Power Efficiency in Radeon Settings > Gaming > Global Settings and that should stop excessive clock fluctuation.

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                                                Hi amdmatt,

                                                I have done exactly that but there are still very extreme core clock fluctuations occurring with Freesync on, crossfire on, v-sync off and any frame rate limiters off (fluctuations go anywhere from the stock frequency of 1040Mhz to as low as 600Mhz with major fps dips). I have also just spent three hours reinstalling windows 10 Pro 64 bit and transferring all of my data over with no yield. I had done a clean install, ensured windows 10 was fully updated, installed the latest drivers and then installed Unigine Valley to test. This was to ensure that no software was interfering with the core clocks. After seeing valley stutter like a broken record, I installed MSI Afterburner and it confirmed my suspicions of the fluctuating core clocks.

                                                Now I can either stabilize core clocks with Freesync on by either turning off Frame Pacing or installing Clockblocker. Now there are some issues with these solutions. Assuming you know what Frame Pacing does, with it disabled games look like they are running at 10fps. With using clockblocker, as soon as I turn on v-sync along with Freesync I get sever stuttering or v-sync locks the framerate to half (72fps in my case) despite Freesync being listed as 'on'. I have also swapped the cards positions with no difference and I have also bought a new Displayport cable but that didn't help at all.

                                                If there is anything else I can do, please reply.


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                                                    Just a bit of a follow up. All of these results are with crossfire enabled. None of these happen with crossfire disabled.

                                                    Freesync on, No V-sync - Downclocking, stuttery

                                                    Freesync off No V-sync - No downclocking, smooth

                                                    Freesync off ,V-Sync on - Stuttery, locks at 72fps even though I know that I can push more then 144fps

                                                    Freesync off, V-sync off - Works fine

                                                    Freesync with V-sync - Stuttery, downclocks, lock to 72fps even though v-sync shouldn't be active as I am in the Freesync range.


                                                    I have also noticed that when I uninstall GPU drivers, my display is locked at 64hz which is fine. But when I load up games like GTA V the menus lock to, you guessed it, 64hz. Maybe the drivers arn't setting the correct refresh rates even though in display settings I have selected 144hz.

                                                    Another thing that happens is that even when I have Freesync off in crimson the display OSD reports it as being on, interesting.

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                                                        I kinda wanted to add to this, as I was just gonna post this myself, but googled my issue and this thread came up... Matt you have helped me with my pro duo settings about a week ago so hopefully you kinda remember my situation.  what I am noticing is this...when playing overwatch, and in the opening menu, with freesync+CF enabled, I get around 109fps.....If I disable freesync it goes to about 135 fps.  This also carries into gameplay as well, with max frames around 155 or so with both enabled, and with freesync disabled I will hit 175+fps in game.


                                                             One time I disabled Crossfire in driver setting and when I did screen went black for a second like usual and came back up, I hit the crimson control panel button again and it said no amd gpu installed, couldn't run a game or anything.  so I reboot and when it comes up it sees the pro duo, but no option to turn crossfire back on in either place it should be. ended up un installing driver and and reinstalling and has worked fine.  1 time the screen went black on me, but could still hear and control gameplay, rebooted and got a wattman has restored default settings message.


                                                        starting to think I have a Hardware issue here, I know its not the power supply as I changed and upgraded to a 1000W corsair RM.  its either mobo or card I think, as I still get erratic usb behavior