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Fury X crossfire crashes in almost all games?

Question asked by netwerx on Feb 14, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2016 by kroms



I'm running 2x Fury X  (One XFX one Sapphire) with an i7 4790k (nothing overclocked at the moment) on a MSI KRAIT Z97s mobo in Windows 10 64-bit.  I've updated all drivers, including the mobo, and I'm stuck.  Almost every game I play experiences a complete lockup with black screen (audio keeps playing) and requires a reboot (usually).  I can play without lockup when using a single card.  Not sure where else to go so any help/suggestions are appreciated.


Edit:  This happens when running at 4k whether or not freesync is enabled.  I can't take a screenshot as the whole system locks (blackscreen) and sound starts stuttering.