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3Dmark not running at overclock speeds sapphire 7950

Question asked by davies_85 on Feb 14, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2016 by davies_85

hi all ive had a few issues with overclocking since upgrading to windows 10 (I started a different thread about that..cannot overclock HD7950 windows 10 )

Im now fairly stable running win 10, with the windows update installed AMD catalyst control centre.

I can overclock with this as on windows 7 but for some reason the oc speed is not reflected on benchmark tests with 3Dmark, in fact 3Dmark shows "Driver Not Approved" regardless of latest crimson with and without hotfix or this ccc I'm currently running.

3Dmark will run at the sapphire boost speed of 925mhz core and 1250mhz memory regardless of my own speed set through crimson or ccc or even Trixx. or even when I press the button on the card which should disable the factory boost. although GTA5 will run at my defined speeds when set through CCC.


does anybody else have this issue?

is anybody else running a sapphire HD7950 at stable OC within crimson or otherwise and bench testing at them speeds on windows 10?


3dmark shows the speeds and also this has been confirmed with HWmonitor. the CPU is unaffected and has been oc'd successfully with AMD overdrive when using Crimson and CCC otherwise.