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    Would like my profile deleted


      I could not get a question of mine resolved so I have no further interest in having an account here.

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          I reviewed your profile but could not see any previous questions you have asked. How can i help you?

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              That is because I deleted it after I didn't get any response for awhile on it.


              My Radeon R9 280 GPU I believe is either failing or it has a bad driver and it's not even a year old - my computer I just built a few months ago.

              When launching ARMA 3 it'll go into a weird resolution so I have to open the task manager and then this happens (link posted below of what is happening on my monitor.


              Radeon R9 280 GPU - YouTube


              My Radeon Settings say my software edition is crimson and the software version is 15.12.


              Windows 7

              Sabretooth 990FX

              AMD FX 8350 4.33GHz

              Corsair Vengeance 16GB RAM

              Gigabyte Radeon R9 280 OC 3GB

              h100i 240mm radiator watercooling

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                  How are you connecting the graphics card to the monitor?


                  When you launch ARMA 3 and it goes to a weird resolution, try pressing Alt + Enter to cycle between full screen mode and windowed mode. This should allow you to switch it back to the correct full screen resolution. If not, it should allow you to access the video options menu of ARMA 3 and reconfigure the correct resolution settings.


                  I would also recommend you uninstall Crimson 15.12, use DDU to sweep your system of AMD drivers and update to Crimson 16.1.1 here.

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                      It's not even that; when I open ARMA 3 - it'll go into full screen but then I'll see "arma 3" in a white box in a massive text in the top left corner and then it goes into "not responding" mode so i open task manager and that's when it does it.


                      Thanks I'll try the Crimson update.