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      I'm using 3x DLP projectors acer H5360 on a EYEFINITY profile. H5360 has 720p@120hz natively and downscaled very bad looking 1080p@60hz resolution.

      I manually set profile on 3840x720@95hz. I switch on a second profile 1080p@110hz Acer GD245HQ single monitor when not using the videoprojectors.


      - 14.12 drivers allows to switch perfectly, even after a reboot all remains. Shortkeys work nice.

      - crimson16.1 drivers can't remember the EYEFINITY profile settings after a reboot. It sets each one of the 3 DLP a copy of each other with the poor 1080p@60hz resolution choice. That bad choice looks to be the better for the driver, even if I remove it from with an EDID override. (I use cru-1.2.6 to add a 95hz option that is very smooth and allow Vsynch ON very 120ftp is to much, screenshot attached).


      I use former CCC to access shortcut as before, crimson not allow shortcut... I just uncheked the option during the installation.


      I need to switch on one of these DLP with a profile "one DLP only" and then recreate a new 3x DLP EYEFINITY profile, to set the screen special 3840x720@95hz resolution and to set the distribution.

      => 5min lost at each boot when it works on first time




      Saphire HD7970

      Win7 x64

      Antec HCG 900W

      Gigabyte GA-Z97X-SOC

      Intel Core i5-4690K Haswell 1150 22 nm (OC @ 4.4Ghz stable)

      Zalman CNPS10X Performa



      I hope someone could help or next driver will take care off my case.