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Crossfire setup: need help please!! XFX 6950 & XFX R9 270x, trying to crossfire. No crossfire option. installed drivers..did everything.

Question asked by royz on Feb 14, 2016

Hey guys,


I recently picked up an r9 270x card and I was really excited to throw it in, run a ferw updates and be on my way. Nope, never works out the way you want it to. I had my Radeon 6950 in before with proper drivers. I've alrezdy uninstalled and re-installed the latest drivers 10 times and the crossfire cable is on properly/GPU's are in both PCI-E x16 slots on my motherboard(Gigabyte gigabyte 990fxa-ud3). I must be doing something wrong. This has been driving me nuts all weekend and I'm currently very frustrated. I appreciate  the help I can get.


Thanks again.