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    80-100% Load on Idle


      Noticed lately that GPU load goes up to 100% all of a sudden and stays there (80-100% range) while doing nothing.

      Tried uninstalling the drivers with DDU and installing the latest crimson beta drivers (16.1.1) but it didn't help. The load did go down when the drivers installation was finished but then after 15 min after reboot it was back to 100%. The load goes down if I log off, restart or shutdown my computer but the load is always back after 15 min or so regardless if I'm using the computer or not.

      Also tried searching for any malware such as miners but no anti-malware/rootkit/virus tool detected anything and anyway there is no processes that use that much resources in process explorer so I think it's driver related.


      I'm on Win 10 build 1511, GV-R939G1 (R9 390 G1 Gigabyte 8GB)