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How do you pre-install 770/sb710 chipset drivers on win xp 32bit, or with no HID&LAN devices available?

Question asked by mav3r1k on Feb 13, 2016

I have a win xp embedded system that currently uses an opteron and nvidia nforce pro 3600/3050 chipset. I'm trying to migrate it to a Phenom 2 system with a 770/sb710 chipset, but when it boots i have no access to anything connected to the northbridge other than the GFX card, which works fine (same GFX card between systems, quadro FX 3800). Ive tried installing a third party usb 3.0 card as i was able to manually install the drivers on the old system (only one pcie slot for GFX only so i couldn't test it), but usb doesn't work for that either on the new system. Im guessing I'm missing control of all this stuff because the chipset drivers aren't installed. When I run the driver install on the old system, it looks like it installs drivers based on auto detect only so it doesn't install the 770/sb710 drivers. I've tried rummaging around in the folders and found a chipset.msi in the config folder, but i couldn't get it to run. Is there a way to get the drivers installed without an auto detect or manually via the files in the installer package? I've also found and installed some of the sb710 drivers manually, but still no control anywhere. Is it something other than the chipset drivers that is causing USB, PS2, & LAN devices not to work?


keep in mind this is xp embedded, so...

-I can't use repair install or repair console.

-I can't reinstall windows


I wouldn't ask if i haven't scoured the interwebs for information on this already, its probably something simple that I'm missing. I can clone the original HDD as many times as I want if it gets screwed up so I'm not afraid to try things.