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Dual monitor and quality of display

Question asked by gijoesgt on Feb 13, 2016


I have a few issues with a new Dell 8900 XPS. I bought an ultra sharp 24" monitor and was not happy with the quality. I sent it back and bought a  4K 24" I thought the quality was better ( but not like my 4K XPS 15" laptop) I bought a 2nd 4K monitor after I settled on this one. My goal is to have native 4K on both monitors.  Here's the 4 things I need help with:

  1. Windows is not recognizing the 2nd monitor. Not getting a signal at the monitor. I isolated it to the output by swapping the cable from the first monitor and all is good. The 2nd one works. The first monitor is Diplay Port to D/P.  The 2nd one is HDMI out to D/P in.  It will not work on either monitor.  I went into the display on the computer and it is only seeing the one monitor.  I went into the properties of the AMD control center and cannot find a switch for single/dual monitor out or anything . Is there a switch in the compute, does it not like the HDMI to D/P cable. At the AMD website they say their card will support 4K with both D/P and HDMI.  While inside the AMD control center I found somethings that lead me to my next issue.
  2. The AMD control say the one monitor is refreshing at 30hz.  When I slide it to 60 hz it reduces the resolution ( to I don’t know something like 2400 @) Why wont it even support one monitor at 60hz ( its has italics and stated the current display cannot support anything over 30 without reducing the resolution)
  3. Should I buy a  960 or 970 card or something and stick it in?  Will that help because I will do it if it will work with current power supply?  I want 2 monitors to be at or very close to 4K. Please let me know.
  4. I had no issue with ultra sharp monitor but the 4K monitor will not wake up when the computer sleeps. Sometimes it will slowly come around others I have to recyle the power.  This sucks.  I thought I did my homework before I bought this computer but its funny how you find lots of post about issues AFTER you have an issue and know what to actually hunt for.  Tons of people with this issue  $1000 in monitors and stuck in neutral here.

About me: I am not a newbie at computers nor am I anywhere near an advanced tech but I can get find my way around pretty good. If you need more info let me know.

About my computer:

XPS 8900

6th Gen i7-6700

Win 10

16GB DDR4 ram

450 power cord

2TB 7200 HD

Video: AMD HD R9 370 4GB GDDR5


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