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    R9 270 low FPS issues


      I recently installed this card and have not been able to get it working right.    I have driver 15.300.1025.1001 installed.  My system specs are: i5-3570K, 8 GB, 64 bit Win 7, 750 Watt PSU.


      Previously I had a GTX 950 which I was getting 200+ FPS on CS:GO with.  With the R9 I'm getting 30s.  Something has to be wrong with the driver or something. These are very comparable cards, why the huge FPS drop?


      I've also had  few crashes while internet browsing.  Getting a grey screen with lines through it, causing me to restart.


      Should I try a different driver?  Maybe the card is defective?  Not sure what to do.

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          Did you fully remove the NVIDIA drivers using DDU?


          Can you find your crashes in Event Viewer and see what caused them.


          Try turning Power Control in Crimson to maximum %.


          Use GPUz to confirm the bus speed and that its running at PCIe3 x16. Also check the clock and utilization when it game, just alt-tab and click the sensors tab.


          The grey lines are a little worrying, can you post a pic? Thats cable or memory, fps should work regardless.

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              I uninstalled all Nvidia programs and then manually removed traces using this guide.How to: Remove Your NVIDIA GPU Drivers (New - 2016)


              I checked the event viewer and the only log is of unexpected shutdown from me hitting the reset button.


              I was able to fix the FPS issue.  I don't know if this is common with AMD cards, but I didn't realize I had to go into the global settings and boost the clock speeds.   Still it shouldn't have taken me so long to figure this out.  Regardless I'm glad that is resolved.


              I hoped that would fix my crash issues as well, but I had another one this morning.  The card wasn't even under heavy load.  I was only streaming music from youtube and web browsing.


              Here is a picture.




              Other couple times it did this it was all grey with white/black lines.


              The card temperature has been 36 idle and 55 when gaming.

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                Just happened again.  Here is another picture.  This one is grey like the other crashes.



                This time I used my remote Ap I had on my tablet to restart the PC, so I'm pretty sure everything is working fine on the machine and this is isolated to the new video card.