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    Can I upgrade my processor ?


      I have an e-Machines ER1401 mini pc that has an Athlon 2 neo k325 processor which I believe is an S1 g4 socket.

      It runs at 1.3Ghz

      Are there any faster/more powerful processors that will work ?

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          You will need to gain the service manual for your computer. I have no idea what an e-Machines is, but they will have it either on their website on your computers page, or by request. This will list everything compatible for your machine.


          Its a good idea to link your machines webpage when opening a post.



          Well, I thought this would be an ATX PC, but its a TV box. No the CPU is soldered to the motherboard, RAM and HDD are the only upgradeable bits of it. I'm strangely craving one of these for myself now