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Crimson Driver: Downclocking issue in games with VSYNC enabled

Question asked by call303 on Feb 13, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2016 by call303

Gfx: Sapphire R9 390

OS: Win10 Pro x64

CPU: 5820K, optionally @4.5 Ghz

Add. Software: MSI Afterburner for ingame monitoring purposes


Applies to: ALL Crimson driver releases incl. "hotfixes"



When VSYNC is enabled from the options of a game, the GPU clock will no longer be raised to a level, where 60FPS (my monitor refresh) would be constantly displayed, even though there would still be plenty of headroom to achieve so.



Vsync DISABLED: 60-90 FPS // Clockspeeds: (GPU/RAM) 1010Mhz / 1500Mhz

Vsync ENABLED: 35-45 FPS // Clockspeeds: (GPU/RAM) 450-650Mhz / 1500Mhz


So even though the "Horsepower" would be there to display a constant 60FPS, it won't happen, as the drivers do not raise the GPU clock in a reasonable manner.

At first i thought it would be an issue with this particular game, but so far it has been reproducable with any other title i tried.


On a sidenote:

I also tried disabling Vsync and enabling the "frame rate target control" to 58,59,60,61 and finally 62 FPS, from within the Crimson driver.

In all cases, tearing will _still_ occur, so that it can not be seen as a viable workaround.


Furthermore i don't want to fix the Clockspeed via RadeonPro or MSI Afterburner, just in order to be able to play games with the power i've actually paid for and the expense of a hotter and less efficient running graphics card.


This problem is known since the very 1st Crimson driver release and we are meanwhile in the 3rd month after initial crimson release.

Is this even a known problem? is anybody working on this? I'm still running the latest Catalyst beta from November, because VSYNC works as expected there.


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