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R9 370 4Gb Windows 10 Issues

Question asked by lamcham on Feb 13, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2016 by amdmatt

I've tested this with the three latest drivers, and they all had the same results. I've only noticed this problem with DirectX 10, 10.1, and 11, which happen to be the only compatible versions for most of the games I play. When ever I play a game that uses one of these versions of DirectX, I'm confronted with driver failure. It's not always right away, hell I can even get up to 2ish hours of play of GTAV sometimes, but it rarely doesn't happen. The games that have this issue the most(aka always crash due to this issue) are Archeage(A Korean MMO that uses CryEngine and DirectX 11(?)), GTAV(Using any of the compatible DX versions (10,10.1,11), recently Battlefield 4(This only started after updating to the newest drivers, not sure if that's the actual cause as I rarely played before updating). Although I doubt it's important I have the MSi r9 370 4gb. I also usually leave it at base clock speeds with only manual fans or slightly overclocked (from Core: 1030/Mem: 1400 -> Core: 1080/Mem: 1450). I also experience massive frame drops in these games, most often GTAV(which also happens to have the worst frame drops), my usual frame rate is capped at 60 with V-Sync, and the drops go as low as .2fps, which is 5 seconds per frame. These drops have been experienced in freemode (at all normal settings with only FSAA and V-Sync), the golf minigame (same settings), as wells as heists and survival missions, all of which limit the playable map to a much smaller area, which would logically make it easier to render. But my GPU still f*cks it up.