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    Built a Pc, have msi R9 390x and win 10 pro. Crashing



      I have built a new pc.


      AsRock 990fx Extreme6

      Amd fx9590

      DDr3 1600 16gb Ram

      512gb Samsung 915 M.2 SSD

      Msi R9 390x

      Samsung bluray DVDwriter

      Corsair HX12000 1200W Psu

      win 10 pro 64 bit


      So I have built this machine 3 weeks ago. (been building them for 20years) Originally had a Asrock 990fx performance 3.1 motherboard. had nothing but issues, kept get 'IRQL' and 'Bad_system_config' errors. Random shut downs, wouldn't wake up monitor from sleep, and sometimes had to unplug, hold power button in , then replug to get screen. Wouldn't install the 1511 windows 10 update.

      So I replaced the motherboard to above one.

      Windows installs fine, also updates (I'll come back to this though) and install all drivers etc from manufacturers website to latest ones. If I update the windows, the screen will freeze and play back and continuous buzz of the last note played(if in a game) and only way to get working is turn it off at the button. Tried with AV installed and uninstalled.

      I turned off the update service and machine worked for 2 days, but woke up this morning to find it froze at 1.23am. there was nothing running.

      Now I'm lost what the issue is, I dunno if it's a windows 10 and motherboard issue, or win 10 and gfx card/driver or faulty part..?

      Any ideas or help?


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          Sounds like you have a definite motherboard hardware problem having to do with voltage regulation...you've been building your own boxes about as long as I have and I'm surprised that you picked an 9xxx-series AMD cpu because the 220W or so that the cpu demands is bound to put a hurting on any AMD chipset--FX, included-- motherboard...I would suggest one of two things...either try another motherboard or get rid of that 9xxx FX cpu and slap in an 8370 125W FX...darn near half the wattage on the 12v rail and you should be able to ramp it up very close to the 9590's clock.  If it was me I'd simply go the 8370 route and keep the motherboard (although AsRock would never be a choice I'd make.)   It sounds like even though you have a 1200W cpu that you are killing your 12v rail(s)--which powers the cpu and the GPU, primarily.  Also, you might want to see if you can find a PSU that could handle that kind of amperage on a single 12v rail as sometimes multiple rails don't perform that well.  Again, it's up to you, but I'd ditch the cpu...


          I can tell you right now there's nothing about Win10 itself that might be causing your problems.


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