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AMD Dual Graphics producing WORSE FPS in Tomb Raider??

Question asked by on Feb 13, 2016
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Hi all, wondering if anyone can help here. I got myself an A10 7850K APU, and then found a cheap R7 240 on ebay so thought why not, let's give this dual graphics thing a try. I knew this card is the lowest compatible, so gains may be marginal, and that in some games dual graphics can even hurt performance. But in all the benchmark articles online Tomb Raider (sponsered by AMD no less) is always one of the best performing with dual graphics - always a significant increase, even with a 240. 


So I got it up and running, confirmed mobo is DG capable (Gigabyte F2A68HM-HD2), confirmed DG active in AMD crimson. Confirmed my memory is running as dual channel (2x4GB 1833MHz). All good. 


But running the TR benchmark, I got about 39FPS with just the A10, and now 37FPS with dual graphics!!  What the hell gives? 


I'm on Windows 10, with an SSD. Let me know if any other specs are necessary. Surely this can't be right? Is there a way to check whether the R7 240 is functioning correctly?