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    Random freezing, no bsod - please check my occt details are okay.


      Motherboard or System Make & Model
      - AsRock 880GMH-LE/USB3

      Power Supply

      - Corsair TX850W, 80+ certified (Recently replaced, originally was the Antec 520W, 80+ certified)


      - Powercolor HD7870 

      CPU Details

      - AMD Phenom II X6 1090T, no overclocking done.


      Motherboard BIOS Version
      - 1.40, Latest version. (all set to default settings)


      System Memory Type & Amount
      - x2 4GB Patriot 1600mhz


      Additional Hardware
      - Pci-e TP-link wirless card.
      - Samsung 256GB ssd.
      - Seagate 1TB 7200RPM

      - Corsair h80i



      Hi All,


      My computer keeps crashing just in the 0 - 4 minute mark of the OCCT.

      Symptoms:Computer freezes, no bsod, fans continue to run. Back lit keys on keyboard + mouse complete dies and becomes unresponsive. Happens when playing high-end games or when playing on a very hot day. I've recently replaced the psu so I believe that isn't that cause.


      I'm just wondering how to tell whether it my cpu, gpu or motherboard. Please advise on what your thoughts are on my screenshots and any other tests I should run to determine what the underlying issue is.


      Thanks in advance!


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          Have HWiNFO sensor page running on screen while you run the test.


          Your temps and voltages look okay, 12v is a little low. Whats the GPU in use?


          Are you able to check the temps of your CPU VRMs? I'm sure you know but Linpack is to create the most amount of heat for the system.

            • Re: Random freezing, no bsod - please check my occt details are okay.

              Hey Tomtalk,


              Thanks for the prompt reply!


              I am using the Powercolor HD 7870  - 2GB. I've attached the request screenshot with HWINFO - I had to change my pc location into another room, sorry for the bad lighting! I might mention also that all settings in BIOS are set to default.


              And I checked bios, nothing regarding cpu vrm temps =/. Only the actual voltage values themselves.


              I also forgot to mention that the stock hsf had been replaced with the Corsair h80i. It was the first time I've ever installed one. So I thought a possibility that this may have been installed incorrectly which would then overheating could've caused these sudden freezes/crashes.  But given the temps are okay then I spouse we can rule that out?


              And actually, I did not know about that re: linpack. Thanks for that. I usually don't do this type/level of stress testing. I've only really learnt how to perform basic diagnostics and so now I'm relying on other Guru's (everyone here) and my trusty old friend Google to come to the rescue.

                • Re: Random freezing, no bsod - please check my occt details are okay.

                  Yeah stability, just use the CPU:OCCT or Prime. It is odd however that she crashes on this test, my guess is PSU or Memory as that test does alot of memory. Most cooling tests you can do are with the back of your hand, especially with the NB and VRMs. I would say too hot to touch is too hot. And your on water now, so these components no longer have any direct air flow. I now have a fan sitting on my soundcard because of this. Otherwise the system temps all look good. But those components are a possibility for the sudden crash.


                  What sort of stability time are you getting with the regular test?