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Random freezing, no bsod - please check my occt details are okay.

Question asked by rk9 on Feb 12, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2016 by tomtalk24

Motherboard or System Make & Model
- AsRock 880GMH-LE/USB3

Power Supply

- Corsair TX850W, 80+ certified (Recently replaced, originally was the Antec 520W, 80+ certified)


- Powercolor HD7870 

CPU Details

- AMD Phenom II X6 1090T, no overclocking done.


Motherboard BIOS Version
- 1.40, Latest version. (all set to default settings)


System Memory Type & Amount
- x2 4GB Patriot 1600mhz


Additional Hardware
- Pci-e TP-link wirless card.
- Samsung 256GB ssd.
- Seagate 1TB 7200RPM

- Corsair h80i



Hi All,


My computer keeps crashing just in the 0 - 4 minute mark of the OCCT.

Symptoms:Computer freezes, no bsod, fans continue to run. Back lit keys on keyboard + mouse complete dies and becomes unresponsive. Happens when playing high-end games or when playing on a very hot day. I've recently replaced the psu so I believe that isn't that cause.


I'm just wondering how to tell whether it my cpu, gpu or motherboard. Please advise on what your thoughts are on my screenshots and any other tests I should run to determine what the underlying issue is.


Thanks in advance!