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new hardware and bad performance

Question asked by aytacaksel on Feb 12, 2016


i am already finished my new hardware config. i got some amd hardware first time.


my config is:


mainboard: asus z170 deluxe (bios 1602) = 389$ + vat

cpu: i7 6700k (oc 4.6ghz) = 385$ + vat

ram: 16gb 3200mhz ddr4 = 179$ + vat

gpu: 2x sapphire r9 390x on crossfire (oc 1100mhz) = 2x (427$ + vat)

power: corsair ax1200 = 442$ + vat

storage: samsung ssd 950 pro (read 2500/ write 1500) = 356$ + vat

monitor: asus mg278q freesync monitor = 634$ + vat

case: case: corsair 780t (all fan slots filled) = 238$ + vat

cpu cooler: thermaltake water 3.0 ultimate = 199$ + vat


total: 3676$ + vat (%18) = 4337$


minimum monthly wage in turkey = 448$


q: so can we call this hardware as expensive?

a: let me say yes its expensive for turkey.


q: whats weak point of this hardware?

a: for fluid gameplay, i have to disable crossfire or freesync

and boost my clock speeds to max with 3. party software called afterburner.

weak point is not hardware, its software drivers.


gpu clocks are not stable when freesync and crossfire enabled same time.

fps drops, flickers, unstable gameplay.


please do not advice, clean install new drivers, already did lots

time and tried all versions.



we need new software drivers.


thank you :/