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League of Legends AMD Radeon R9 200 compatibility bug

Question asked by anthonywalters3 on Feb 11, 2016



I bought this PC new close to a year ago specifically for playing League of Legends. Since the day I got it, I have been experiencing graphics errors in game. There are two errors I get. Both only last for a split second, but are quite distracting while playing. The first error is where the screen flashes white. The second error is where a bunch of colored boxes flash over top of the screen. Both errors occur randomly and are usually fairly spaced apart.(About 10mins or so, but can be more frequent).

I have been dealing back and forth with the PC shop that built my computer in an attempt to fix the errors all year. Initially they told me there must be a problem with the graphics card, so I sent that to them for testing. The card passed all tests and was returned to me. Later in the year I sent them the whole PC and monitor purchased from them. They did tonnes of testing and again found no faults. Since they were unable to replicate the errors themselves, I have been trying to screen record the errors so I could show them exactly what I was seeing. I had been using the add on in the catalyst centre to capture the error. But I found that I never saw the errors when I was recording. Once I had recognized this I began running the recorder while playing, even when I wasn't interested in recording the game, just so I wouldn't have the error occur. In the last week I tried using a number of other screen recorders instead of the one. I spotted the error one game while recording and I have uploaded it to youtube. 17 43 - YouTube

I took a screen shot of the error itself. I am yet to successfully record the white flashing version of the error.

After sending the recording and image to the PC shop I was asked to run a number of gpu stress tests. All of which passed. Indicating that there was no hardware at fault. I have found forums before where people have described a very similar or exactly the same issue. Where the issue always occurs on AMD graphics cards while playing League of Legends. This forum for example describes the same issue Random graphics flashes - League of Legends Community and suggests upgrading to the 12.11 beta driver update as a fix. This update is very old and renders the game unplayable when installed. I have also tried updating drivers, rolling back to other drivers etc. Have reinstalled the game from scratch as well as reinstalling windows itself.


I spend a lot of time playing this game and so do a huge number of other people (67 million per month). I thought I was purchasing a quality product from AMD and I am pretty shocked to find that the graphics driver can't support the most popular PC game on earth without errors. Could you please investigate this issue for me? I think it is important to note that the recording stops the issue. Might be a good lead to follow. Hope you can help.