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Rise of Tomb Raider Win 10 UAP version problem on dual graphic card notebook

Question asked by meteor00 on Feb 12, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2016 by meteor00

I'm using a notebook with A10-5750M + HD8750M and I got Rise of Tomb Raider from the Windows 10 store (not Steam store). When using driver 15.12 it can start but runs very slowly, since it is running with the built-in graphic card of CPU (HD8650G of A10-5750M) instead of HD8750M. If I switch to HD8750M in the Control Center the game just fails to start. After upgrading to 16.1.1, the game just fails to start even if I didn't set it to run with HD8750M in the Control Center. In the case of failing to start, the game just shows up its logo for a few seconds and then quits.

Any help? Thanks in advance!