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    Catalyst control center update fails


      Hi All

      I am trying to update the catalyst control center it downloads and then stops.

      And does not update. It has done this twice now


      Where does it download too?


      Or can someone give me a link to the download location for CCC




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          Perform a manual driver download and installation.


          What AMD hardware are you using?


          You can download the latest driver below. Please make sure you uninstall your current driver first!


          Step 1> Go to http://support.amd.com/en-us/download

          Step 2> Scroll down to manually select your driver

          Step 3> Select Desktop/Notebook Graphics

          Step 4> Select Your Graphics Card Family from the list

          Step 5> Select Your Specific Graphics Card

          Step 6> Select your Operating System

          Step 7> Click Display results

          Step 8>  Download the driver

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            I use ccc to help manage a multi screen system. So updating the drivers is not really the issue I need to address.

            For those who have a similar issue of CCC downloading and then stopping and not installing the download.

            I finally found the download of "amd-catalyst"  in :

            C:\Users\<current user>\AppData\Local\Temp

            Hope this helps someone.

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