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Salt fever, but with overclocking. Enable Turbo Core with AOD.

Question asked by tomtalk24 on Feb 12, 2016
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I was getting a few FF codes on my mobo, thought it was my CPU getting worn. So lowered the overclock slightly for a few months. Sent the mobo back to ASUS for repair. Got a totally brand new mobo, accessories, door hanger, the lot. Brilliant company. Overclocking my CPU again and its working fine, got it back up to my maximum stable overclock of 4.75GHz with a 250MHz bus and x19 multiplier. Lovely.



I want to take advantage of Turbo Core for the sake of single core boosting. My (and it think most) BIOS lets you choose whatever Boost Level 2 multiplier you want, but Boost Level 1 is locked to x20. So this isn't an option I can enable without going over 5GHz on Boost Level 2, its a tad too high and I don't think she could handle it.


AOD, I normally avoid it. But have seen discussions claiming its most accurate with temp readings. And it has the option to choose Boost Level 1 and 2 multiplier, perfect.

I seem to be getting some very contradictory readings....


AOD Wrong 2.PNG

All of AOD's readings are all over the shop, where as HWiNFO looks more consistent to what I'm used to.


I don't want AOD to set clocks or especially voltages, just don't trust it.

So when I load AOD, enable and setup turbo core and save the profile. My guess is as I haven't changed anything other than Turbo Core, it will read whatever voltages and clocks I have set In the BIOS (currently in use), and when the profile is saved those settings are saved too? Even though its telling me "Target Voltage" for the CPU is 1.35v, bus is 200MHz etc?


Also, AOD wont re apply the profile made on boot? Is this a Windows 10 issue at all? I have selected "Apply my last setting when system boots", set the profile as Default etc.




I'm struggling to understand whats going on here, whats wrong and whats right. Who to trust and what to ignore. So any feedback or suggestions would be really helpful with my issue.


And, can anyone tell me of something I can stress test Turbo Core with. I'm stable without it, but cant tell with it enabled. General trial and error is an option.


Thank you