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    crimson driver NOT supporting 16:10 aspect ratio, restricting DVI to 16.9


      Why can I NOT REPLY TO THIS POST?????????????????


      Glenn A Nicholsn


      I have screens shots of 1. the 1680xc1050, NOT listed, not listed in the non supported resolutions.  2. All versions of the 15.x series are doing this, it is not being able to select the resolution, it is not pushing it to full screen which on my viewsonic is 16:10. 3. uninstall of drivers after installing the 16.1 hotfix DOES NOT WORK, ran uninstall, selected all the video components, rebooted when prompted, display booted back up in with the 16.1 drivers active, I had to use fusion driver then windows 7 manager's uninstall program to remove 7 apps that were still installed, I also found 10 entries in the software hive that kept all the previous settings there in the registry.

      4. After doing all this, install the 14.12 drivers, at the 1680x1050 selection, full screen is working again. Wow, you fix a couple things, then break a couple that weren't broken.

      I have all this data, where and when do you want it, also, this is a fresh build of windows 7 pro x64 it is now 24 hours old, no other issues with computer.  Now, can someone try to figure out why this happened, I would appreciate some feedback

      Thanks in advance

      Glenn A Nicholson