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crimson driver NOT supporting 16:10 aspect ratio, restricting DVI to 16.9

Question asked by loadtheorig on Feb 11, 2016

Just had to rebuild system, had motherboard SATA chipset go bad, took out one of my drives as well.  Using ASRock FX990 Extreme4 motherboard, this is the only difference between what I was running before and now.  I run 1680x1050 resolution so I can have a full screen I can read, 1920x1080 Is too small on my 23 inch 1080p monitor. I started with the 14.7 driver version to make sure everything worked, I was able to run the afor  mention resolution and aspect ratio up to the 15.7 worked normally, as soon as I upgraded to first the 15.11, then the 16.1 hot fix, my 16:10 aspect ratio is now unavailable to any game. WHAT is the issue???  can you not get a driver family to work the same through all your versions???

I am going to have to roll back to the 15.7 version until this gets figured out, this really sucks, freeken hardware is just over a year old.  This is the way Nvida's drivers used to be, ATI had the best then, NOW, unbelievable

Oh, forgot to mention I have a 1 inch Black bar on both sides of my screen, not supporting 16:10 Aspect?

DXDiag attached