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    Attempt # XIII



      This rig was built a few years ago and was my latest attempt to overclock a socket A- system above 2700MHz. without "exotic" cooling.


      Mission accomplished





      CPUAMD Athlon XP-M 2600+ FQQ4C
      Cooleraquacomputer "cuplex"
      MotherboardABIT NF7-S
      Memorytested different, best were ADATA Vitesta DDR500 w/ red pcb
      Graphicswatercooled Radeon HD3850 AGP (custom made voltage converter cooler)
      Disc Drive 1
      Disc Drive 2raid 0 w/ 2x WD 740 "Raptor"
      Disc Drive 3
      PSUbe quiet straight power 680W
      CaseThermaltake Tai-Chi (20kg Aluminium tower)
      MonitorEizo 17"



      Abit NF7-S - HD3850 AGP 2700MHz wc.JPGAbit NF7-S.JPGDDR1 800.JPGFILE067b.JPG