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    AMD FX 6300 problem with windows 10 and sony vegas pro 13?


      ok... so basically im having problems in my pc... my windows 10 bugs in the begining... making me unable to reach the "start" menu... and when that hapens i also cant open microsoft edge... but i can other apps... and my sony vegas pro 13 is also bugging on render... it starts but it stops at middle giving errors and without finishing it... so i posted this problem in microsoft community forums... and ended up with an guy telling that could be my amd fx 6300 black edition.. since he read here that this processor was giving problems with windows 10... well technically i dont know... what i know is that is frustratiing having to restart my pc everytime i start it and not being able to make a complete render with sony vegas pro... is it by the cpu? (it also automatic overclocks itself... turbo core... but i disable it everytime i start my pc with amd overdrive... and the cpu is running on the default cooler...)

      pc specs:

      AMD FX 6300 black edition

      8 GB DDR3 1600 mhz da kingston (without dissipator)

      Asus GTX 650 1 GB

      Western Digital green... 1 Tera 64mb cache 7200 rpm (or something like that, not sure)

      Asus m5a78l-m lx3

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          It's not the CPU, i have experienced the same problem with Windows 10 and the start menu. It just randomly stops working. There are two methods to fix this issue that i have discovered. The first is system restore, restore your system to a time before this issue occurred. The second is a fresh installation of Windows. I'm using an Intel CPU, so don't believe anyone who says it's caused by using an AMD CPU.