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    cannot overclock HD7950 windows 10


      I'm having some issues overclocking my Radeon hd7950, i believe its since upgrading to windows 10 but I had disabled the oc 4month before changing from win7 to win10 so cant be too sure.

      my card is the sapphire hd7950 with their own boost to 925mhz clock and 1250mhz memory, the card seems to run at this speed regardless of a global overclock in crimson, and even when I press the button on the card which should put it to its base clocks, it still runs at 925mhz and 1250mhz.


      HWmonitor records a change to 1375mhz on the memory clock when I change to this speed, but is changed back to 1250mhz as soon as I start a game or benchmark tests.


      as I changed to 1375 also on the settings page in crimson 1375 is the new lowest slider setting and I cannot decrease it further in the software, although all records are showing that it is not running at 1375mhz.

      ive had this issue for  few days now since attempting to oc after upgrading to windows 10. ive uninstalled and used amd cleanup, restarted then reinstalled using crimson 15.301 hotfix. with the same issue.


      I cant use catalyst control centre either, I can change the setting within there but it has no effect.. the slider lowest setting does not change in CCC as it does with crimson.

      ive also attempted with Trixx sapphires oc facility but this does not have any effect either.

      3dmark and system details..

      AMD Radeon HD 7950 video card benchmark result - AMD FX-8320,ASRock 970 Pro3